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About Giclée Prints

Giclée prints are prints that reproduce 99% of the original image using the latest technology.
The latest digital printing technology, centered on the "multiplication" of 10-color inks, gives the giclée prints an overwhelming power of color expression.
The ink particles themselves are further subdivided into fine particles of three different sizes (3.5pl for the smallest) (multi size dot technology), and by combining these particles, not only the colors of the original but also the "touch" and subtle nuances of the original are faithfully reproduced on Canson paper. The giclée prints are available in a wide range of sizes.

Benefits of Giclée Prints

It is very difficult to store delicate original works of art in temperature, humidity, light, and other storage conditions that are suitable for viewing them at home. Giclée prints, on the other hand, are resistant to the problems that can occur during each of the four seasons, and can be enjoyed for their semi-permanent beauty with only a modest price and care.

Source plasma (400w x 400h), (600w x 600h)

It represents the energy of the source. The status quo becomes more powerful, moving toward the essence.


Purchase (400w×400h)
Purchase (600w×600h)

Light body 1 (724w x 545h)

Activates the astral body, the torus-shaped energy field that manifests the human light body.



Light Body 2 (724w x 545h)
Activates the astral body, a torus-shaped energy field that manifests the human light body, in a more cosmic way.


Love of Soul (450w x 550h)
Activate heart energy, remove blocks, and express soul love.


Pleiades Ascension (450w x 550h)
Not only does it align and open the seven chakras, but it also activates the eighth chakra and increases its energy.


Cosmic Joy (350w x 350h)
It brings the energy of free joy that wells up from within you and creates galaxies as well.


Unconditional Love (348w x 424h)
Activates the energy of compassion that spreads from the heart.


Cosmic Creation (400w x 400h)
The energy of cosmic creation is more awakened and activated to the essence of the universe.


Love and Light of the Sacred Source (400w x 400h) (500w x 500h)
The image of the Lemurian coat of arms, rainbow and gold energy is very powerful.

Purchase (400w×400h)
Purchase (500w×500h)

Earth Spirit (400w x 400h)
It expresses the tremendous, strong cleansing and healing power of the earth.


Cosmic Harmony (400w x 400h)
Cosmic harmony and balance and the expansion of cosmic consciousness are brought about.


Connecting to the Sacred Source (545w x 724h)
The powerful energy of cosmic creation is brought forth.