Spiritual and Enagy Arts

Maki Mizuguchi Art Studio MIRUTOS


Shasta series

The snow melting water and spring water of the sacred Shasta are gathered, and a clear stream flows through the spring fields.A clear stream is also flowing in the body.

Clear stream flowing in the blooming field 2020 (509w x 394h)

Holy water is gushing from the lake in the forest.The holy Shasta is filled with pure and rich water.In that way, the energy of purity and richness overflows from inside me.

Holy water in the forest 2020 (455w x 606h)


Heavenly Water 2017 (781w x 1051h)


Green Healing 2022 (450w x 450h) Silver Framed

Coral Sea 2020 (509w×394h)

Coral Sea 2 2020 (509w×394h)


Current of the sea 2015 (450w×450h)


Current of the sea 2015 (450w×450h)


Coral Sea 2020 (509w×394h)


Coral Sea 2 2020 (394w×509h)


Aqua 2010 (400w x 400h)


Sea 2010 (400w×400h)



Spirit of the River 2017 (509w×394h)


Sacred Taki 2017 (394w×509h)


Mountains and lakes 2015 (300w x 300h)